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Bando Hidesomi

Nihon Buyo Class


Bando Hidesomi  Nihon Buyo Class
Benkyokai 2024


April 27, 2024, 2:00 PM - 5:00PM


George J. Doizaki Gallery

244 San Pedro St # 505, Los Angeles, CA 90012, USA


About Bando-Ryu

Brief explanation of Bando-ryu 

The Bando School of Japanese Classical Dance is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and was established at the start of the 1800s. Bando Mitsugoro III, who was known to be a master in Nihon Buyo, is the founder of Bando-ryu.  The Bando family was originally the proprietor of Morita-za, one of the three theaters approved by the government, during the Edo Period.  Therefore, the origin of Bando-ryu style of buyo(dance) comes from Kabuki.

Brief explanation of Nihon Buyo

Nihon Buyo literally means Japanese dance, nihon meaning Japan and buyo meaning dance.   However, Nihon Buyo is generally know to be a style of dance originating from Kabuki dances, most of which were made during the Edo Period.  During those days, Nihon Buyo was a form of leisure for the common people.  Therefore, many dance pieces were made based on their daily lifestyle, also expressing the natural human emotions (for example, love, hate, sorrow, happiness, joy, loneliness) through the art of Buyo.


Bando Hidesomi and
Bando Hidesomi Nihon Buyo Class

Bando Hidesomi was born in Torrance, CA and started her training under Madame Bando Mitsuhiro, at the age of 3. 


At the age of 12, she started additional training under Madame Bando Hideko, daughter of Grand Master Bando Mitsugoro IX (9th).


She trained in Japan for 5 years under the care of Bando Mitsugoro IX, while attending Keio University.


During her 5 years in Japan, she received the title of Shihan (Master’s degree).  She also participated in the Bando School’s Charity Recital in Tokyo and Bando-Kai’s 75th Anniversary Recital, at the National Theater of Japan.


Presently, Bandō Hidesomi is one of the Representatives for the Bandō Ryu in Los Angeles.



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